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Young Investigator Workshop

Develop your own activity in the field of glycosciences

Last decade’s major discoveries in glycosciences have triggered new economic activities often developed within start-ups or biotechs and mostly driven by the PhD students and post-docs involved in the initial research projects. These burgeoning economic entities, along with Contract Research Organisations (CROs), represent attractive new career opportunities alongside academia and big industry.

To push forward this burgeoning glycoeconomy, many new talents are needed to meet the many challenges ahead: transformation of natural resources, production of (rare) monosaccharides or building blocks for synthesis, structurally well-defined oligosaccharides, new molecular glycosyl-based platforms, improved technologies including enzymes and automated synthesis, development of technical platforms for faster structural elucidation (including antibodies and lectins), deciphering the interactions involving carbohydrates, molecular modelling, etc.

This workshop aims to:

  • make participants, especially the youngest, aware of the challenges and opportunities of business development in the field of glycosciences;
  • connect participants looking for new talents and those wishing to offer their talents.
On Wednesday afternoon, starting at 2 pm, a panel of fellow creators of glycoscience-based start-ups or biotechs will share their own experience. These explorers for new business activities are Prof. P. Seeberger, Prof. A. Kungl, Prof. S. Hobbie, Prof. J. Liu, Prof. J. Tkac, A. Bodenmueller. This roundtable will be chaired by P. Trouilleux and V. Ferrières. An open discussion will ensue with Eurocarb participants interested in starting a business, or simply curious about this type of activities. Then, a speed-meeting will be open to all young researchers who wish to present their CV to increase their professional network, and to permanent staff, from the academic or private sector, likely to offer positions or post-docs opportunities in their lab or company in a near future.
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