Program & abstracts

The Eurocarb 21‘s program will be as rich as ever, with several honored guests, awardees, speakers, chemists, biologists and others from academia and industry all over the world and topics  :

  • Glycochemistry: new reactions involving sugars, glycosylation methodologies and mechanisms, carbohydrate feedstock as renewable resources…
  • Synthesis of carbohydrates, glycoconjugates, glycan-based biomaterials: chemical, enzymatic, chemoenzymatic or synthetic biology approaches…
  • Chemical (glyco)Biology and Glycomics: bioorthogonal chemistry, metabolic labeling, activity-based probes, functional glycomics, glycan arrays…
  • Carbohydrate structures, dynamics and interactions: advanced analytical and structural tools, thermodynamic and kinetics of glycans interactions, integrative databases, computational methods…
  • Glycobiology, Glycobiochemistry: carbohydrate active enzymes, cellular and molecular biology of glycans, glycomicrobiology and metagenomics…
  • Applied Glycosciences from bench to bedside, for nutrition and biotechnology: glycans in health and disease (cancer, immunity, infectious diseases, vaccines, rare diseases…), in food and material sciences…

Plenary lectures

12 plenary lectures from key group leaders from academia and industry

Keynote lectures

20 keynote lectures of leading glycoscientists with expertise covering all aspects of Glycosciences

Oral communications

144 oral presentations with speakers from more than 45 countries

Duo oral communication

Two presenters with complementary expertise, one communication, double time

Flash presentations

48 flash presentations selected from submitted abstracts


Up to 700 poster presentations, 2 poster sessions, 4 Poster Awards

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