Thank you all for coming
to Eurocarb21
We gave you the tools, you made it a success
We wish you a safe journey home
Let’s meet AGAIN
at Eurocarb22, in Gdańsk, POLAND

Thank you all for coming
to Eurocarb21
We gave you the tools, you made it a success
We wish you a safe journey home
Let's meet AGAIN
at Eurocarb22, in Gdańsk, POLAND

Dear Glycoscience Community,

FOUR years after Eurocrab20, in Leiden, TWO years after a reprogrammed “lost in COVID19 pandemic” edition, it is our great pleasure to welcome you, AT LAST and ON SITE, to the 21th EUROCARB edition, held under the auspices of the European Carbohydrate Organization. Eurocarb21, hosted at La Maison de la Chimie, in Paris, July 9-13 2023, is the first occasion for the international Glycoscience community to meet LIVE after three years of virtual or hybrid meetings. Eurocarb21 is thus a very special edition and THE occasion to renew and strengthen the existing links between established Glycoscientists and integrate the youngest ones in our Glycofamillial network. WELCOME to all of you, let’s rejoice and celebrate being together again for the progress of Science and friendship driven by Glycosciences!!

Thank you for your strong participation: 600 participants, including 221 PhD students (37% the highest score ever!!), coming from 36 different countries.

All aspects of glycosciences will be covered with: 11 Plenary, 17 Keynote, 144 Oral Lectures, 72 Flash Communication (+ Posters) and 224 Posters. The FOUR recipients of the prestigious “Emil Fisher Award” and “Carbohydrate Research Award” 2021 and 2023 will present their remarkable results in Plenary Lectures.

Eurocarb21 brings its lot of innovations, by introducing the Interdisciplinary-Duo format, declined on Duo-Keynote Lectures (4) and Duo-Oral Communications (7). A way to promote and celebrate interdisciplinary research, often at the heart of glyco-based projects, by highlighting excellent and recent collaborative results.

Two workshops will be held on Wednesday the 12th: the GlycoTwinning Workshop and the 2cd‑Young Investigator Workshop, dedicated to employment of young investigators to develop and strengthen Glycosciences and the burgeoning Glycoeconomy.

We thank all the organizations, institutions and companies for their financial support, that have been pivotal in keeping students’ fees at a minimum level considering the strong worldwide inflation.

Although the Organizing Committee devised a dense scientific program, do not miss the opportunity to visit Paris and learn better its history.

This the third time that a Eurocarb symposium is held in France, after Eurocarb3 (1985) and Eurocarb12 (2003), both in Grenoble. A periodicity of 9 starts to emerge for Eurocarb symposia in France. Will there be a Eurocarb30 organized by French colleagues in 2041? The future will tell us, but let’s stay in “the here and now”, thus to Eurocarb21 that the Organizing Committee wish you successful, enjoyable and… positively unforgettable.

David BONNAFFÉ, chairman of Eurocarb21

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

They support us by contributing to make Eurocar21 a success!

Eurocarb symposium history with dates and cities

The 21st edition of Eurocarb in Paris, July 9 to 13, 2023

Under the auspice of the European Carbohydrate Organization

The 2023's Emil Fischer Award winner

The 2023 Emil Fischer Award is conferred to Prof. Jeroen CODÉE, professor in Organic Chemistry at Leiden University, The Netherlands

The 2023's Carbohydrate Research Award winner

The 2023's Carbohydrate Research Award is conferred to Prof. Christoph RADEMACHER, professor at the University of Vienna and the Max F. Perutz Laboratories

The 2021's Emil Fischer Award winner

The 2021 Emil Fischer Award is conferred to Prof. Antonio MOLINARO, professor of Organic Chemistry at University of Napoli Federico II and Special Appointed Professor at School of Science of Osaka University

The 2021's Carbohydrate Research Award winner

The 2021's Carbohydrate Research Award is conferred to Prof. Daisuke TAKAHASHI, professor at the Keio University in Yokohama, Japan

More than 700 attendees coming from more than 45 countries

The first Eurocarb in Paris : 9, 13 July, 2023

Eurocarb 21 in the Maison de la Chimie, a place in the heart of Paris for the advancement of chemical science

12 plenary lectures from key group leaders

20 keynote lectures of leading glycoscientists

144 oral presentations covering all aspects of Glycosciences

Up to 700 poster presentations, 2 poster sessions, 4 Poster Awards

48 flash presentations selected from porter presentations

4 Duo interdisciplinary communications: two speakers, one communication, double time

Emil Fischer Award and Carbohydrate Research Award winners lectures

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