GLYCOTwinning Workshop

“A GLYCOToolbox to decipher glycan interactions and functions”

GLYCOTwinning is a capacity-building Twinning project, funded by the European Commission and coordinated by UCIBIO, NOVA School of Science and Technology (UCIBIO, FCT-NOVA) in Portugal, aiming at driving innovation in Glycoscience. GLYCOTwinning is coordinated by Paula Videira, Filipa Marcelo and Angelina Palma, who have teamed up with top-class partners: Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands, the Center for Cooperative Research in Biosciences (CICbioGUNE) in Spain and the Imperial College London in the United Kingdom to reinforce UCIBIO, FCT-NOVA Institution research capacity to further Excel in Glycoscience. GLYCOTwinning aims at providing bases for understanding human diseases, by dissecting glycan-protein interactions from the atomic and molecular levels to the cellular context and boosting the development of innovative glycan-based tools, diagnosis, and therapies.

The EUROCARB GLYCOTwinning workshop will cover innovative approaches and challenges of technologies to study interactions involving glycans and will present the GLYCOToolbox approach. The Toolbox intends to integrate different technologies to characterize glycan-protein interactions, spanning from glycan identification and ligand discovery to the structural elucidation of glycan-protein complexes and glycan functions.

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