Carbohydrate Research Award

Given every two years, the Award was established in 2001 by the Editors and Publisher of “Carbohydrate Research”. The“Carbohydrate Research Award for Creativity in Carbohydrate Chemistry” is presented to a carbohydrate scientist, no older than 15 years past the PhD, who has made significant original contributions to the field, in its broadest sense.

The 2023's Carbohydrate Research Award winner :

Disuke Takahashi

Prof. Christoph RADEMACHER earned his BSc in Molecular Biotechnology (2004) and MSc in Molecular Life Science (2006) at the University of Lübeck. In 2009, Prof. RADEMACHER received his doctorate from the same University, where he performed studies under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Peters in the Department of Chemistry working on virus/carbohydrate interactions using NMR spectroscopy. During these years, he also worked in Prof. David R. Bundle’s and Prof. Todd Lowary’s laboratories at the Alberta Ingenuity Center for Carbohydrate Science in Edmonton (Canada) and in Dr. Daron Freedberg’s group at CBER/FDA in Bethesda (USA).

He then underwent postdoctoral training with Prof. James C. Paulson at The Scripps Research Institute (USA) in the Department of Chemical Physiology, where he entered the field of glycoimmunology.

In December 2011, Christoph RADEMACHER was appointed at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in the Department of Biomolecular Systems with Prof. Peter H. Seeberger, where he became Emmy-Noether Research Group Leader in June 2012. In 2017, Prof. RADEMACHER received an ERC Starting Grant and in 2020 he was appointed full professor at the University of Vienna and the Max F. Perutz Laboratories.

Since 2022 Prof. RADEMACHER is part of the NIBR Global Scholar Program. His research is focused on the development and application of novel molecular probes to understand the role of carbohydrates in immune cell regulation with a strong emphasis on molecular drug targeting.

The 2021's Carbohydrate Research Award winner :

Disuke Takahashi

Dr Daisuke TAKAHASHI receives this award in recognition of his work on glycosylation chemistry, having developed novel and expedient boron-mediated processes for the stereoselective synthesis of glycosides.

Dr TAKAHASHI is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry at Keio University in Yokohama, Japan. His work focuses on synthetic carbohydrate chemistry and he has developed boron-mediated processes for the stereoselective synthesis of glycosides.

The award was established in 2001 by the Editors and Publisher of Carbohydrate Research and is awarded biannually. Dr TAKAHASHI will receive a cheque for $3,000 and an award certificate, which will be presented to him at a future EuroCarb conference.

Congratulations again to Dr Daisuke TAKAHASHI on this fantastic achievement.

Previous Carbohydrate Research Award winners

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University of Alberta, Canada

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Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Switzerland

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University of Georgia, USA

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University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

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